Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Insight: Please What Do I Do If Someone Throws Acid On Me



The reason for this post is that so many people are getting attacked nowadays as so many evil people see acid as the punishment of sorts for whatever they feel offended by. So many victims in the aftermath have had their lives changed forever because of this. The victims, mainly women, do not have the prescience to know what is about to befall them and they most definitely would probably have fared better if someone had given them information on what to do in the event of such an unfortunate and unexpected eventuality.
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Sunday, July 16, 2017

True Life Story: My Experience With A Nigerian Police Officer

He asked me to step down from the vehicle, as an obedient citizen, I stepped down, he asked to search me, I quickly asked "Is there a problem officer"? He didn't even answer me.

When he couldn't find anything other than my wallet, he asked me to bring it out. I did.

On sampling my wallet, he saw a total of $700 I was going to change at Aboki's shop. At the sight of the cash, he thought he could intimidate me by asking me useless questions.
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Introducing An Alliance of Patriots And Announcing The Facing Jihad Conference in Jerusalem ..

This article was culled from the speech of
Geert Wilders. He is a Member of the Dutch Parliament.

In a generation or two, the US will ask itself: "Who lost Europe ?" Here is the speech of Geert Wilders, Chairman, Party for Freedom the Netherlands , at the Four Seasons in New York , introducing an Alliance of Patriots and announcing the Facing Jihad Conference in Jerusalem ..
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Saturday, July 15, 2017

He's All I've Got! Amanda Cried Out

That day Amanda cried so much: She'd just been called by her son's school. He'd made it to the top of the class, he's a brilliant child and his maths skills are amazing.
"We're so proud to have him as a student here, he's one of the best students in the entire school"- principal confidently assured.
Amanda cried because when she had told her guy, Chris' father that she'd conceived a child, he denied her and asked her to go look for whoever the father was.
"That bastard you're carrying is not mine" - he declared.
Pained and sad, confused and bitter, Amanda quickly wiped her eyes, checked her bank account and realized she had a lot on it, she also had a good job and a working head too, so she moved out.
She worked her transfer and changed location to a place where no one knows her. A neutral ground.
She gave birth to Chris, she nursed him alone since she had no mum, except for her friend and an elderly woman living close by, no one came to help.
Amanda was the only surviving child of her parents, they'd been killed in the Sosoliso air crash back then in.... I've forgotten the year that thing happened sef.
At other times, Amanda cried when Chris called her mum for the first time, shed just realized he'd grown his first tooth and began to say some words, but the most firm of all words he could say was "moma"
To Amanda, the only thing that makes her and keeps her happy, her fulfilment is her child, Chris. He's her world. Her all.
A few years later, Chris was awarded a scholarship abroad where he studied medicine and surgery. Today, he's a very successful young man. A fine young man every father would dream to have as a son.
Yes! The father I heard is wasting in one yeye marriage where his wife even beats him and makes live very miserable for him. He currently has no child and Amanda has vowed to never let him have access to Chris.
I support her! Yes! You can never eat your cake and have it. You abandoned mother and child, now that you can't get your own child, stay put. Do not look for the one you've abandoned.
Thank you all single mothers for raising the best kids out there.
You're simply the best
©MrPinner 2017
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Monday, June 12, 2017

Biafra At The Expense Of What, At The Detriment Of Who, For What Benefit?

....In order words what you're saying is that a day is coming when I'd want to gaan see my sister in Ijebu, but I won't be able to go as easily as I'd want to because I'll have to fez prepare an ECOWAS Passport, get a plane ticket or Find one of the intercontinental Transport companies like "ABC Transport" before I'll be able to see my sister who married while we were still in Nigeria.
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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Short Stories: The Consequences Of Mark's Infidelity

I remember that time when Salome caught Mark on top woman. It was not a small sometin that day ooo.

My brothers and sister, Amanda was mad, Amanda's skin turned red, as red as my teacher's red pen. She wanted to co front mark but as usual,it would be the same story and if care is not taken, she go chop igbati join self.

Na so Amanda silently walked out of the house and went back to hers, Mark was deeply engrossed in satisfying his desires, so he didn't take note.
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Short Stories: Chronicles Of DNA 4 ( Final Episode)

.....Dear Mr Mark, this is the lab man, please I'm sorry we'll have to meet up, there is something you'll have to know. Please its very very urgent. Is it possible we meet right now? The scientist Urged!

Mark grabbed what's left of himself and unto his Tundra, he left to the doctor's Lab.

"Mr Mark I'm very happy you're able to meet up as we spoke over the phone. You see there was a little mistake in that DNA result with you.
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Friday, June 9, 2017

2 Little Lambs: A Word For Lovers

2 wounded hearts somewhere somehow have met, more will meet today and some would tomorrow, when they met, all their hurts, all their pains, everything they've ever been through became like the wind for the comfort they found in themselves was enough to take it all away.
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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Short Stories: Chronicles Of DNA Ep 3

.....mark really never wanted to let go of his boy, he loved him even though his latest discovery tends to push this love away. He kept it away from everyone even in his family. How would he tell his own dad and mum, Tolu's grannies that Tolu is not his biological son?
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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Short Stories: Chronicles Of DNA Ep 2

....the test results showed that Mark and Tolu were a total Mismatch. In other words, there is no match for their DNAs.

Mark was broken. His fears have finally caught up with him. His world is finally crumbled and his only heir, the boy he'd been so proud of has finally turned out to be another Man's Child.
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Short Storied: Chronicles Of DNA Ep1

Secretly tiptoing to the Boy's room, Mark successfully took out a strand if hair from his young and only child, he secured it just like you'll hold am egg. Raw egg of course.

The next day, he called up the Lab scientist and submitted both samples and headed home.
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Monday, May 22, 2017

There Was A Country Called Nigeria

There Was A Country...
A country where all leaders are receiving awards for being gravely stupid and brainless.
A country where a senate personnel wears Matriculation gown to answer querry and later dance Mamako Mamako on YouTube... Chai
A country where leaders prefer to stash billion in buildings rather than use same to build infrastructures that would employ many
In my country Nigeria? Our health Care system are so equipped, even our president is currently going to buy syringe in London.
A country where the only thing we can boast of is our Degrees but no jobs to keep us engaged with the degrees.
A country with over 56% of the citizens are educated but unable to question the useless moves of our leaders.
We live in a country, we have oil wells down south, we have natural gas, but we can't even boast of 3 hours uninterrupted power supply.
My country Nigeria? A very blessed nation, we pray so much and forget prayers won't work, faith won't work without work.
This country? Healthy men are so weak, it takes a liverless president to lead them...
A country try where the president works from home, is that one country?
There indeed was a country, but Nigeria is not one. Will never be one till we begin to question these baboons that galavant about in the name of leaders.
Leaders of their own pockets
©MrPinner 2017
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Monday, May 8, 2017

Tithing: The Truth They Never Want You To Know About Tithing Finally Exposed By Ogbeni La

So many Christians are still left with great wonder as to the reasons why tithe is often hammered on by religious leaders, some are left with the question: Who eats our tithe.
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